Project Management job in United Nations

Project Management Support Senior Associate (Field Coordination Associate)

Job categories   :  Project Management
Vacancy code     : VA/2021/B5516/21290
Department/office     :AR, BDMCO, Nepal
Duty station   : Dhanusa, Nepal
Contract type   : Local ICA Support
Contract level   : LICA-7
Duration   : Open-ended subject to organizational requirements, availability of funds and/or satisfactory performance
Application period   : 23-Feb-2021 to 09-Mar-2021
Applications to vacancies must be received before midnight Copenhagen time (CET) on the closing date of the announcement.

General Background

UNOPS is expanding its operational support in South Asia and has recently established its presence in Nepal with six projects signed with British Embassy (BEK), USAID and World Vision supporting Nepal Government Institutions. UNOPS will provide advisory and technical assistance services with its expertise in Procurement, Project Management and Infrastructure, as well as providing capacity building to key stakeholders. The initial projects are located across all 7 provinces of Nepal, while the major project team works from UNOPS Kathmandu-based country office.

UNOPS is currently launching a project to assist British Embassy (BEK) with the creation of Project Coordination Units (PCUs) in order to support the implementation of federalism as per the Constitution of Nepal (2015). Since the new constitution came into effect in 2015, creating three spheres of Government and seven new provinces, British Embassy (BEK) is adapting the way it works to suit the new political context. While maintaining its existing bilateral aid work with the Government of Nepal, British Embassy (BEK) will also look to work closely with the new provincial and local Government spheres as they become operational. This will mean having a greater understanding and presence at the provincial level in order to support its broader development work.

Purpose and Scope of Assignment

British Embassy (BEK) has contracted UNOPS to carry out a “Project Coordination” Project in close cooperation with British Embassy (BEK) leadership. British Embassy (BEK) through UNOPS will work closely with the new provincial and local Government to coordinate programmes in the provinces and provide technical assistance, as appropriate.

The Field Coordination Associate will support the Head of Provincial Project Office to provide field coordination for British Embassy (BEK)-funded projects in the province and to collect relevant field data to ensure the safe and effective implementation of British Embassy (BEK) programmes locally. This is an exciting opportunity to make a real difference to the success of British Embassy (BEK)’s programmes across Nepal as federalism is implemented.


  • Secondary Education in development studies, social studies, business, management, administration or another relevant field.

Work Experience

  • At least 7 years of work experience in development project implementation, peace and security, risk management, field coordination, monitoring and evaluation or a related field.
  • Experience working in Nepal Experience working in Province 2 and/or Province 1 is desirable.
  • Previous experience working on British Embassy Kathmandu-funded projects is essential.


  • Full professional command of Nepali and English.
  • Ability to work in Maithili or Bhojpuri is essential.


Project Management job in United Nations

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Nepali Movie Intu Mintu Londonma
Nepali Movie Intu Mintu Londonma – Breaking Nepali Movie

Nepali Movie Intu Mintu Londonma – Breaking Nepali Movie. Nepali movie industry is growing and developing day by day than the previous day. The Nepali movie industry has many actors, actresses, directors, producer and others who work back on the stage and all of them are working on the industry with their full effort. In the past years, we cannot forget the contribution of Gopal Bhutani, Shanti Maske, Nir Shah, Shree Krishna Shrestha, Rajesh Hamal Karishma Manndhar, and so many others.

Nepali Movie Intu Mintu Londonma

In those times the Nepali movie Industry was not fully digitalized. So, at that time they should face many difficulties to work. However, industries production and business were not so bad. But since the last few years with the digitalization of technology, People are trying to watch different types of movies. The interest and aspect of people, Industry is being changed as well. Nepali movies are being produced with fully digitalize technology and it is being competition on the Nepali movie industry.

Nepali Movie Intu Mintu Londonma – Breaking Nepali Movie

 Intu Mintu Londonma

Following the competition, a Nepali movie Intu Mintu Londonma is going to be launched. People are quite excited to watch this movie which is still in making or shutting. This movie is going to be made in a different way with a different story. In this movie, more than 80 % of the scenes will be from London and 20 % of work will be done in Nepal.

People in Nepal who likes London and there are many Nepali people lives there, some people say that could be the main reason why ‘Nepali movie Intu Mintu Londonma’ is being viral before the movie realized. In this movie, we will find Dhiraj Magar as the main actor. A new smart and energetic actor who lives in London with his family and this is the first entry of Dharaj Magar on the Nepali movie industry and we will see another actor Bibek limbu as well.

In the upcoming Nepali movie Intu Mintu Londonma, we can see to Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah as a female actress. She is one of the leading actresses in the Nepali movie industry. She has played many different movies in a different role and we will find  Renasha Bantawa Rai as a movie director.

About Teamwork

The teamwork of this movie is memorable the director, producer, actors, and actresses all are doing their job with the best publicity in a perfect way. A song of this movie has been published and it is an amazing song. Most of the people are supporting and loving this song.

About Story of Movie

The movie Intu Mintu London ma is about Love story between two different types of boy and girl. One is from a traditional background and another is from modern. One day, coincidently Meera (Mintu) and Ishan (Intu) meet with the help of their common friends in London, they inadvertently fall for every alternative solely to find their fate depends on a troublesome selection. We can aspect this movie will be one of the best movies in the Nepali movie industry. According to the moviemakers’ team, Nepali movie Intu Mintu Londonma will be released very soon.


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top 5 car brands
Top 5 Car Brands – Best Car Brands with Quality in the World

Top 5 Car Brands – Best Car Brands with Quality in the World, the car is a part of our life. By using cars, we are enjoying and living a better lifestyle. The demand for the car is being increased day by day. There are so many car companies in the world and all they are trying to deliver the best quality cars to their customers. However, people want those cars which are the best and branded as well.

Top 5 Car Brands

We’ll limit our rundown of the top 5 car brands’ names of cars to the best cars for most people. These are brands that the normal individual could, in any event, try to claim, yet it likewise contains numerous models that even the high class wouldn’t see any problems with driving when their Bentley is in the shop. These brands are picked on by and large style, security, unwavering quality, and reasonableness:

1. Lexus Brand

Top 5 Car Brands
Lexus Brand

Lexus is one of the top 5 car brands. This is verification that Toyota can influence lively cars on the off chance that they to need to. They’re not cheeped, but rather your normal handyman or dental practitioner can manage the cost of one, and it doesn’t look ostentatious in the carport like some extravagance brand names of cars do. Lexus makes them supersede characteristic they share with the Toyota brand: They are among the most solid cars right now made, and among the most dependable cars at any point made. In the event that you at any point wished you could claim a car that ran like a Toyota, however, it didn’t seem as though one, spare your pennies and purchase a Lexus.

2. Audi Brand

Top 5 Car Brands
Audi Brand

Audi has entirely passed BMW and Mercedes because the automotive regular folks on an enormous budget need to possess. It makes sedate sedans and sportier models just like the TT with identical attention to detail. The cars have the planning and feel of a luxury whole while not the cultural baggage that comes with different German nameplates.

3. Toyota Brand

top 5 car brands
Toyota Brand

Toyota is incorporated into our rundown of the “top 5 car brands” name for one reason: When you turn the key, the car will go. They’re basically dependable, cheap cars that don’t attempt to do excessively. While talking about styling, Toyota wins by not attempting. Toyotas simply look like cars. What’s the issue with a car resembling a car?

4. Subaru Brand

top 5 car brands
Subaru Brand

Subaru is a procured taste. They’ve manufactured strong notoriety over decades for working dependably in atmospheres that murder different cars in a rush. On the off chance that you live in a snow nation, you’ll see more Subarus than some other brand. A car that works when others don’t has a place on our rundown.

5. Acura Brand

Top 5 Car Brands
Acura Brand

Acura Brand, Twenty years back Honda cars would have made the rundown of the ‘top 5 car brands‘ name rather than their extravagance Acura line. Honda has lost its way since they ruled the market with winning outlines like Civics and Accords. Their Prius is valuable yet monstrous, and their consistent cars have nothing to prescribe them over different brands. Their Acura identification has dependably been well made and sensible, and individuals at long last saw that the distinction in cost between a stacked Accord and a passage level Acura is little.

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