Mount Everest Height & Facts of Nepal

One and only the world’s highest Everest, Mount Everest. It is located in Solukhumbu district of Nepal. Mount Everest is known as Sagarmatha in Nepal and in Tibetan, it’s called Chomolungma. Official English name “Everest” was given by Royal Geographical Society in 1865, it was recommended by Andrew Waugh and the official height of Mount Everest, recognized by Nepal & China is 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) and this official height was established by an Indian survey team in 1995 then later, it was verified by a Chinese survey team in 1975. It is the highest point on Earth. So, people want to know about “Mount Everest height & facts”. On 29 May 1953, Edmund Percival Hillary from New- Zealand and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from Nepal became the first climbers of Mount Everest. Nowadays, more than 900 hundred people try to climb Mount Everest.
People from all over the world come to climb to Mount Everest and they try to find out Mount Everest’s height & facts.

Mount Everest Height & Facts

Mount Everest height & facts

1. Mount Everest Weather Condition

The place of Mount Everest is very cold. The lower point of temperature reaching is -76°F (-60°C) and this temperature run in January month. The average temperature of Mount Everest is 19°F (-7°C). Most of the time, it is covered by clouds. So, could be difficult to find the way to the top point and the wind blows more than other areas, up to 177 miles per hour. From June to September, the wind comes from the Indian Ocean and its effects on climbers. Most of the time wind is blowing with sand and bits of stone. More than 10 feet of snow falls on the ground. So, knowledge of Mount Everest weather condition is most important for climbers.

2. How Long Does It Take to Climb Mount Everest?

Mount Everest’s climbing time will be not the same for everyone. It depends on our body and various risks like weather conditions, snow falling & Oxygen. Before climbing the Mount Everest, we should know about “Mount Everest Height & Facts”. On average, it will take 6 to 8 weeks to climb Mount Everest according to previous data. There are 2 ways to climb, from Nepal and Tibet (north ridge). In the north ridge, there are more difficulties such as challenging rocks on the route. So, most people climb from Nepal.

3. The height of Mount Everest Base Camp

Most people climb Mount Everest from Nepal (southeast ridge). We should take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla than it takes about 10 days to reach the Everest base camp, which is located on 5,380 m (17,600 ft) in height. With the height of Mount Everest base camp, the real travel for Mount Everest starts. People should have knowledge of ‘Mount Everest Height & Facts’ to climb. Without training and knowledge, there could be chances of death as well.

Mount Everest Height & Facts

It’s a really very dangerous and brave job to climb Mount Everest. More than 300 hundred people have died. However, Mount Everest is the one and only the highest point in the world. So, many people come to climb in Nepal.

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