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Top 5 Football Players
Top 5 Football Players in the World

Top 5 Football Players in the World

, Football is one of the most popular games in the world. It is a high pricing game as well. With the starting of the football match, so many players are born & became famous in the world. We cannot ignore most of the players who showed their magic or a beautiful football game. However, we will talk about those top 5 football players, who are still playing on the international football game in the world.

Top 5 Football Players

Top 5 Football Players

1. Lionel Messi

Messi was born in Argentina on 24 Jun 1987. He is an Argentine professional football player and plays for the Argentine national team. Messi is in Spanish club Barcelona where he plays as a forward and team captain as well. He has two countries citizenship, Argentina, and Span. So, he can play for the Spanish national team as well. However, Messi is on the Argentine national team because he was born in Argentina. He is the one who can take advantage of any mistake in the game. From 2006 to up to now, he is playing world cup football. Wonderful touching on the ball, passing, accuracy & honest behavior is Messi’s main specialty in the football world. So, Messi is one of the ‘top 5 football players’. He has played the world cup more than 4 times.

Top 5 Football Players
Cristiano Ronaldo

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the best football players Cristiano Ronaldo was born on 5 February 1985 in Portugal. He plays for the Portuguese national football team. Ronaldo was on Real Madrid Club and he played football there for a very long time but now he is on Italian club Juventus as a forward. Ronaldo’s career started in 2001 with the European youth summer Olympic festival and since 2003, Ronaldo starts his participation in the senior team of Portugal. He is highly demanded, a popular football player in the world because of his magic touch on the ball and accuracy. He is known as a good runner in the football world as well.

Top 5 Football Players
Neymar Junior

3. Neymar Junior

Neymar Junior is a Brazilian professional footballer. He was born on 24 January 1987and he is in the Paris Saint-Germain club of French. He is a young and dynamic footballer in the world. With the move from Spanish team Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar became the most expensive football player in the world and he is on “top 5 football players. Neymar was selected in Brazil’s senior team on 26 July 2010 and with the participation of the Brazilian senior team, his game impression is developed in the world. Now, most of the clubs are targeting to Neymar Junior for their team.

Top 5 Football Players
Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz

4. Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz

Luis Suarez is an Uruguayan professional player in football. He was born on 24 January 1987. He plays for Spanish club Barcelona as a striker and the Uruguay national football team. Suarez is the main key to the Uruguay national team. 2010 FIFA world cup was Suarez’s first world cup. He is energetic with the best attacking and accuracy.

Top 5 Football Players
Kevin De Bruyne

5. Kevin De Bruyne

Belgian professional footballer Kevin De Bruyne is one of the best midfielders in the world. He was born on 28 June 1991 and plays for the Belgian national team and English club Manchester City. Since 2015, he is playing with Manchester City and engaged for six years. His international career started with the selection of a Belgian senior team.

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Mount Everest Height & Facts
Mount Everest Height & Facts of Nepal

Mount Everest Height & Facts of Nepal

One and only the world’s highest Everest, Mount Everest. It is located in Solukhumbu district of Nepal. Mount Everest is known as Sagarmatha in Nepal and in Tibetan, it’s called Chomolungma. Official English name “Everest” was given by Royal Geographical Society in 1865, it was recommended by Andrew Waugh and the official height of Mount Everest, recognized by Nepal & China is 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) and this official height was established by an Indian survey team in 1995 then later, it was verified by a Chinese survey team in 1975. It is the highest point on Earth. So, people want to know about “Mount Everest height & facts”. On 29 May 1953, Edmund Percival Hillary from New- Zealand and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from Nepal became the first climbers of Mount Everest. Nowadays, more than 900 hundred people try to climb Mount Everest.
People from all over the world come to climb to Mount Everest and they try to find out Mount Everest’s height & facts.

Mount Everest Height & Facts

Mount Everest height & facts

1. Mount Everest Weather Condition

The place of Mount Everest is very cold. The lower point of temperature reaching is -76°F (-60°C) and this temperature run in January month. The average temperature of Mount Everest is 19°F (-7°C). Most of the time, it is covered by clouds. So, could be difficult to find the way to the top point and the wind blows more than other areas, up to 177 miles per hour. From June to September, the wind comes from the Indian Ocean and its effects on climbers. Most of the time wind is blowing with sand and bits of stone. More than 10 feet of snow falls on the ground. So, knowledge of Mount Everest weather condition is most important for climbers.

2. How Long Does It Take to Climb Mount Everest?

Mount Everest’s climbing time will be not the same for everyone. It depends on our body and various risks like weather conditions, snow falling & Oxygen. Before climbing the Mount Everest, we should know about “Mount Everest Height & Facts”. On average, it will take 6 to 8 weeks to climb Mount Everest according to previous data. There are 2 ways to climb, from Nepal and Tibet (north ridge). In the north ridge, there are more difficulties such as challenging rocks on the route. So, most people climb from Nepal.

3. The height of Mount Everest Base Camp

Most people climb Mount Everest from Nepal (southeast ridge). We should take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla than it takes about 10 days to reach the Everest base camp, which is located on 5,380 m (17,600 ft) in height. With the height of Mount Everest base camp, the real travel for Mount Everest starts. People should have knowledge of ‘Mount Everest Height & Facts’ to climb. Without training and knowledge, there could be chances of death as well.

Mount Everest Height & Facts

It’s a really very dangerous and brave job to climb Mount Everest. More than 300 hundred people have died. However, Mount Everest is the one and only the highest point in the world. So, many people come to climb in Nepal.

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How to Test Internet Speed on Desktop and Laptop

How to Test Internet Speed on Desktop and Laptop?

 Detail information about internet speed tests, with the developing of technology, people are using the internet in every work. There are many internet providers in the world and they are providing the best internet speed as the can. Internet speed is being faster than in previous days. However, we are using more internet by using PC, laptops, and mobile phones. So, sometimes we feel that our internet speed being slow and we want to know the real speed of our internet. We can use different sites for the internet speed test, here we will introduce one of them.

internet speed test

One of the best internet speed test sites, which is one of the best sites. It can easily calculate and give the result of your downloading and uploading internet speed by tracking your network and location. It is a well-known speed test with fast and free. It keeps a log of all the speed test and it is operated by Ookla, a major internet speed test technology provider. You can test your internet speed by using app on your mobile phone as well. This site can give better results on speed tests. So, you can easily find out the speed of your network even you don’t know about your data planning before but Most of the time we are in confusion about Mbps and MBps.

Different between Mbps and MBps

MBps stands for megabytes per second and it is used in reference to the amount of data transferred or file size.

Mbps means megabits per second and It takes 8 bits of data to equal 1 byte. it is used in reference to download and upload speed.

You can see these terms when we transfer data from one device to another or download a file from the internet


How to use

We can start testing our internet in seconds by using the by following steps:

  • Go to your web browser and type
  • You will find a speed test interface, simply click on go.
  • Now you can see your download and upload speed of your internet.

Here are Some other Sites for Internet Speed Test: 

All of the internet speed test sites work in the same way. Here are some alternative sites for speed test:

How to Easily Reduce Data Usage on Windows 10

How to Easily Reduce Data Usage on Windows 10.

The world is being developed with internet technology and some of the countries have started to use 5G internet service. And they never face problems with internet data use. However, most of the countries have facing slow internet speed with limited data planning. Windows 10 operation system consumes more data than other windows. So, a user should take some precautions to reduce data usage on windows 10. Microsoft has changed some future in windows 10. In previous windows, updates could install as we wish but now in Windows 10, updates will install automatically when new updates will come.

We need to follow some steps to reduce data usage on windows 10

 1.Set Up Metered Connection

In windows 10 with the Setup Metered Connection, we can tell the Microsoft operation system about your data plan. It means when you set up metered connection mode on, Microsoft will understand that you have a limited data plan only. To do this setting:-

  • Go on setting option
  • Click on network and internet
  • Chose your network and go on advanced option
  • Now set as a metered connection on

reduce data usage on windows 10

2. Disable Automatic Windows Updates

Microsoft automatically updates windows continually. So, it will consume more data. We can choose the windows updates option as we wish.  Keep windows update option disable or manual mode. To do this setting:-

  • Type service on the search bar
  • Find the service app of windows and open it
  • Drag down and find windows update and click on
  • Find startup type and select disable or manual mode
  • Click on apply and ok

3. Turn off Sync Settings

To reduce data usage on Windows 10, turn off sync settings. That will be the best option to save data.  It will consume more data on Windows 10, which could not be more necessary. To stop this data wastage on your system, do the following steps:-

Go to setting and select accounts

  • Select Sync Your Setting and turn off

4. Disable Automatic Antivirus updates

Most of the computer users have the anti-virus on their operating system and whenever the computer is connected to Wi-Fi or the internet, automatically starts to update on our PC. This range could be 20 MB to 200 MB. So, we can Disable Automatic Antivirus updates to ‘reduce data usage on Windows 10‘ and you can manually update as you wish.

5. Manage Your How Updates Are Delivered

Microsoft has the future to Choose How Updates Are Derived in windows 10. If this option is on in your computer, previously downloaded updates will loads on local networks or PCs on the internet and it will consume your data. To manage this option follow these stapes:-

  • Go to setting on option on your PC
  • Select Update & security
  • Chose the advanced option and select choose how updates are delivered
  • Better keep it off mode

These are the major options. we can “reduce data usage on windows 10″ by choosing all these options carefully. But, sometimes updates are most important for our system security as well. In those cases, updates can take by connecting to the Wi-Fi connection.

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